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At Home Safe, we take care of both our client and end user with a wide range of services.

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About Us

Home Safe founders, Glenn Gullo and Ward Farley, are passionate about ensuring that people are able to stay in their own homes regardless of physical limitations or disabilities.  Home Safe was established in 2000 because of their genuine concern for persons with debilitating injuries and disabilities.  Glenn and Ward realize that a safe and accessible environment is essential for the injured person as well as their caregivers. They have brought together a unique organization blending the skills of a construction company with the compassion of a healthcare provider.

“Constructing a barrier-free environment is a specialized skill gained through years of experience,” Glenn reminds us.  Ward stresses “Home Safe is not like the typical construction company. We place a high priority on quality, value, rapid response and customer satisfaction.”


In 2014, Ferenc Moricz, Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), joined Home Safe.  Ferenc’s focus on mobility and rehab equipment, vehicle modifications and adaptive equipment enabled Home Safe to bundle their home accessibility services into a unique solution which ensures proper management oversight, cost savings and peace of mind.


Home Safe has a proven track record that our services present a better solution and result in the correct equipment/home modifications at the right price.


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