“Ah, it fits just right!”

Isn’t nice to put on your old favorite coat, pair of slacks or shirt and find that they still fit just right? It feels good. It looks good. Sometimes our clothes just don’t fit right. You need to have them altered to regain that “just right” fit. The same is true with our homes.

We love our homes and our neighborhoods. We don’t want to move. As time goes on, we change but our homes don’t change with us. Each of us is unique. Our needs and abilities are different and our homes should accommodate us; not the other way around. If your home needs a few small changes or an entire re-do, Home Safe can help.

Home Safe provides home modifications for people with disabilities, Baby Boomers and for senior citizens. From the installation of a simple grab bar to a new accessible addition, Home Safe does it all. Look at the list of some of the modifications that you can have done:

Replace your old bathtub with a walk-in tub, step-in shower or a roll-in shower

Build a ramp to get in and out of your home

Construct a barrier free kitchen

Install an automatic door opener

Install a wheelchair lift

Widen doorways or hallways

Install a stair lift to get up to the second floor

Install a higher toilet

Install grab bars and safety rails just about anywhere

The list goes on and on. Our experts can help you design a safe and accessible environment and it won’t look “institutional”.

Move to a nursing home??? Forget about it!
Stay in your own home!

Some advantages of home modifications include:

Safer environment

Increased resale value

New fixtures


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