Can your home be modified? What modifications can be done? How much will it cost?

Home Safe’s certified professionals can evaluate a home to help determine what modifications may be necessary to provide the resident with access to and around the home, including interior and exterior areas.

Two of the most recognized certifications dealing with the business of home modifications for people with disabilities and aging in place are the CAPS and CEAC credentials. “CAPS” stands for Certified Aging in Place Specialist and “CEAC” refers to Certified Environmental Access Consultant. Home Safe’s management staff has these credentials.

Certifications are important, but what really differentiates us from other organizations that perform home evaluations is that Home Safe is the contractor and has real, hands-on experience. We have modified hundreds of homes. Writing a report is one thing. Understanding what it takes to put the plan into action and get the desired results takes a whole other set of skills. Home Safe KNOWS HOW TO GET IT DONE!

These certifications along with Home Safe’s vast experience means that you are getting the benefit of some of the most qualified individuals in the field.

Our services include a site visit to the home, discussion with the residents, discussion with caregivers, as appropriate, and our own personal observations. Documentation that you will receive will includes:

An Executive Summary of our findings including benefits and limitations of our recommendations.

A detailed scope of proposed work.

Floor plan drawings of certain areas of the home or property that may enhance the understanding of the proposed project.

Digital photographs.

Our reports are invaluable when making decisions about whether to modify an existing home, purchase another home or locate to a group home or similar setting.


An easy-to-read “Executive Summary”

Plain-language “Scope of Work”

Simple “before” and “after” drawings

Digital photos (so you can see what we see)