How do you know the work is getting done right? How do you know if you are getting a fair price? How do you know if what you’re being told is true?

Home Safe is the answer. We provide construction management for projects all over the United States. We have completed thousands of construction projects. We know how to get it done right! We know what the prevailing rates are! We know how to decipher the truth! We know what questions to ask!

Look at our service guarantees. Home Safe will:

Find local subcontractors as appropriate.

Verify licensing and insurance of subcontractors.

Verify that permits are obtained.

Negotiate fees.

Manage the project every step of the way.

Perform periodic on-site inspections.

Provide status updates on a regular basis.

Provide digital photos as the job progresses.

Obtain release of liens from subcontractors.

Warranty the work for one year.

Communicate, communicate, communicate – with the payer, with the subcontractor and with the homeowner … with you!