A rose by any other name….

They go by many names: adaptive equipment, durable medical equipment, DME, safety aids, aids for daily living. But it all comes down to the same thing - products that lend a hand.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a portable ramp at your front door, a grab bar in your bathroom or an overhead lift to help transfer from bed to wheelchair? There are thousands of products that can make life easier. You have options!

For example grab bars come in many shapes and sizes for multiple uses. We have standard grab bars and custom grab bars; wall-mounted grab bars and floor-mounted grab bars; “L” shaped grab bars and straight grab bars; fold up, fold down and fold out grab bars. We have grab bars for the bathroom and grab bars for the bedroom; white grab bars and silver grab bars; plain grab bars and decorative grab bars. Confused? Don’t be – call Home Safe.

Think Safe!

Shower chairs

Bathtub lifts

Grab bars

Bed rails

Walk-in tubs

More Equipment:

Ceiling lifts to transfer from bed to wheelchair and back again

Wheelchair lifts to get you form your porch to your front yard or from the first floor to the second floor

Stair lifts (a chair on a rail that takes you to the second floor) – another way to get to the second floor

Automatic door openers – aren’t remote controls nice

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